Our team is the heart of what we do.

Robert Evans - Co Founder

Robert exploits his knowledge of and experiences within developing and high risk economies, institutional banking and financial services to help FinTech clients design, execute and assure financial crime compliance objectives driven from a business and customer-centric perspective. As co-founder of FINTRAIL, Robert is a leading authority on financial crime compliance within the FinTech community and is responsible for the execution of financial crime compliance projects for FinTech clients in Europe, US and Asia. He is the co-author of the ACAMS "AML for FinTech” courses and co-established the FinTech FinCrime Exchange (FFE), a free members network operating globally.

Gemma Rogers - Co Founder

Gemma has a passion for changing the terms of debate around financial crime risk management, debunking the lethargic tick-box concepts of old and focusing on intelligent, inclusive and business-focused solutions. Drawing on her wealth of experience across disruptive services, international banking and the public sector, Gemma brings clients deep domain knowledge of financial crime risks, as well as an ability to execute intelligent frameworks across both emerging platforms and established financial services. 

Julie Myers Wood - Co Founder

Julie Myers Wood is the CEO of Guidepost Solutions. She focuses on regulatory compliance and investigative work and has significant experience as a monitor. Julie supervised a technology review and assessment of OFAC and AML capabilities for a global bank; worked with New York regulators as the deputy monitor for a foreign financial institution; and assists FinTech companies with developing and creating compliance and security protocols to address a changing and complex regulatory environment. Prior to joining the private sector, Julie held leadership positions with the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, Treasury and Justice including serving as Head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the second largest investigative agency in the federal government. She oversaw the agency’s AML and trade compliance (OFAC, EAR, ITAR) investigations and private sector compliance programs.


Keith Ausbrook

Keith Ausbrook has led teams reviewing sanctions and AML compliance programs in financial institutions around the world. His experience includes providing advice on matters related to federal regulations and due diligence investigations. Keith has held numerous senior executive and legislative branch positions where he developed and implemented investigative and legal strategies and advised senior government officials on legal and political issues. He has extensive experience with government investigations including Congressional, Inspector General, Government Accountability Office, and federal criminal matters. Prior to joining the private sector, he served as Executive Secretary of the Homeland Security Council at the White House advising and supporting the President of the United States.


Stephanie Douglas

Stephanie Douglas works with companies of all sizes to identify compliance risks and put in place cost-efficient mitigations. She consults on matters relative to enterprise risk management, crisis management, insider threats and national security matters. Stephanie focuses on sensitive internal investigations, white collar crime investigations, intellectual property protection and national security matters impacting private companies. She retired as a Senior Executive from the FBI in 2013 where she oversaw its national security operations around the globe. Following her time in the FBI, she was recruited by Pacific Gas & Electric to serve as its senior director of corporate security where she oversaw risk mitigation and issue response.


David Katz

David Katz has extensive experience in compliance, securities, commodities, tax, litigation, AML, and financial fraud. He served as a key member on the monitoring team of a global bank, which had been sanctioned by New York regulators for AML and sanctions violations; and as the Independent Consultant as part of a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission settlement with a registered transfer agent to conduct a comprehensive review of its policies and procedures. Previously, he held senior positions with the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, the Internal Revenue Service, and the National Association of Securities Dealers. He has conducted high-profile investigations involving global financial institutions and hedge funds concerning complex tax and financial matters.


Bill Riley

Bill Riley oversees due diligence and banking and virtual currency compliance engagements. He has substantial public and private experience in OFAC and trade compliance, including KYC reviews. As the sanctions team lead, Bill assisted a European-headquartered global bank with reviewing and testing its OFAC compliance policies and procedures for payment-based, trade finance and other financial product transactions. As part of a remediation advisement engagement, he assisted an emerging African-based banking network with enhancing its sanctions compliance program, trade finance product sanctions and trade-based money laundering controls. Recently, he assessed a virtual currency exchange’s AML, sanctions, KYC and client risk rating policies and procedures and a virtual currency ATM company with their annual BSA/AML compliance review. Bill spent 20 years as a Special Agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


John G. Connolly

John G. Connolly has been involved in several large-scale engagements. He served on the monitoring team for a global financial institution to review policies and procedures and implement OFAC, new transaction, and customer screening tools; evaluate its alert escalation process and sanctions alert screening; review the methodology and implementation of a new trade finance process; conduct on-site reviews; and observe its OFAC compliance committee. As a member of the trade compliance review team for a major international company, John interviewed executives and managers from several divisions to ensure their understanding of compliance requirements and evaluated a compliance tool. Previously, he served as Deputy Executive Associate Director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Krista Tongring

Krista Tongring oversees a variety of compliance issues and investigations for clients including AML, trade compliance and anti-corruption matters. Previously, she had an accomplished career at the U.S. Department of Justice having most recently served as the Acting Section Chief at the Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Compliance. She led policy discussions and developed strategies to implement new and revised policies. She also worked to establish a more efficient policy review process. Ms. Tongring spent a significant portion of her career as a federal prosecutor where she investigated and prosecuted complex criminal matters, including racketeering, money laundering, abusive trust and other tax matters, international organized crime, criminal asset forfeiture, and violations of the Bank Secrecy Act.


Hannah E. Meyers

Hannah E. Meyers manages investigative research projects and conducts, supervises, and consults on a variety of assignments including due diligence, litigation support, and investigations. She draws on years of conducting high-level research and investigations and providing assessments to guide decision-makers in law enforcement, intelligence, and government. She works with cryptocurrency exchanges to help them develop compliance programs and due diligence regimens specific to their industry. Previously, Hannah was a Senior Analyst and Team Leader with the Intelligence Bureau of the New York City Police Department where she specialized in terrorism and criminal investigative matters involving the Middle East and North Africa. She also conducted cyber research.


Paige Mason

Paige Mason has extensive experience drafting compliance policies and procedures. She assisted a remediation advisor engagement for an international European-headquartered bank where she led employee interviews at numerous international site visits and provided advice and recommendations for KYC, AML, and correspondent banking issues. Paige currently advises a cryptocurrency exchange on AML, KYC, sanctions/embargoes, and other matters and serves on the monitoring team for a mortgage lending company that failed to maintain compliance with HUD and FHA requirements. She also completed an AML/CFT assessment for a government contractor. Previously, Paige was an embedded contractor attorney in the Asset Forfeiture Money Laundering Section at the U.S. Department of Justice.


Thomas Tran

Thomas M. Tran is a compliance analyst concentrating his professional career on fraud and anti-money laundering investigations and compliance operations. Most recently, he was augmenting the compliance staff for a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency exchange company. Previously, he made his way from an analyst to an associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co., where he was a key contributor to many comprehensive background investigations on prospective and existing private bank clients as well as their corporate investment bank division.